All ranking data

Table (Moneyranking)

1.Mr P 18037
2.The Geheimwaffe36

Points per ranking: 1st place (=10), 2nd (=9), 3rd (=8)… 10th (=1).

Points from all 8 Moneyrankings added up = tablescore

Table (U18 Youth)

1.The Geheimwaffe38
2.Mr P 18037

Points per ranking: 1st place (=10), 2nd (=9), 3rd (=8)… 10th (=1).

Points from all 4 Youthrankings added up = tablescore


These are all the rankings you can play in the DSFZ Augsburg and through online participation.

  • There are Moneyrankings (you have to buy in) and Youthrankings (under 18, free of charge) (see paragraph about money distribution)
  • Place 1-5 from Money- and Youthrankings win real money!
  • Placing 1-5 in the general table grants a Bonus!
  • Send your videos as proof of your achievements to (Instagram @DartsGondel) OR (@the_virus_180). Use the free website for big files.
  • Add as description: Name / Nickname you want to be listed by, which ranking you played in the video and possibly your result, as calculated by yourself, as a reference for us.
  • Monthly payouts! First deadline: April 30th, midnight GMT+1
  • Important: You only qualify for entry to any ranking with a valid video of proof.
  • If you pay per entry: Send your video, wait for confirmation, then send the money. Otherwise I have to reimburse you in case the video is not eligible as proof, e.g. focus of your camera was off and I can’t see a thing. I recommend this option:
  • Flatrate! 20 / month and you can play all Moneyrankings and send in improvements as often as you want to. You can pay through Patreon and support my Darts Academy or through paypal: You can also transfer money to IBAN DE09 1203 0000 100 300 8586 SWIFT/BIC: BYLADEM1001
  • However, everyone will only get listed once per ranking!!
  • Always direct any complaints to Bettina!!! 😛 @the_virus_180. (just joking, we are both always available)

Buy-in distribution

Distribution of Buy-ins

2€ per rankingone-timePaypal, bank transfer25%50%25%One Video. One ranking.
20€ Flat directmonthlyPaypal, bank transfer25%50%25%Every ranking, as many (improvement) videos as you like.
20€ Flat Tier "DSFZ Ranglisten Flat". All other Patrons keep supporting the Academy directly. However, 2€ Patrons do get one ranking a month for free. Through Patreon, I directly support the Kids & Youth in the Academy. That's what it's for. Hence the bigger percentage of money going to the Academy.

DE09 1203 0000 100 300 8586


20€ friends & family to

Detailed money distribution

Where from?YouthrankingsYouthpotMoneyrankingsGeneral moneyranking potAcademy
2€ Single0,50€1€ to that single ranking0,50€
20€ Flat1€ to each ranking (=4€)1€1€ to each ranking (=8€)2€5€
Patreon1€ to each ranking (=4€)1€ to each ranking (=8€)8€

Proof video requirements

  • The Video must show the board clear and close-up and include anti-cheating measures. Meaning you need to run the App “Timestamp Camera Free” during the recording, have a stopwatch in clear view with the dartboard, a mirror showing the player, two cameras (close-up and whole scene) or anything else you can come up with that has the desired anti-cheating effect. You are welcome to send a test video to us beforehand.
  • Always record your play! Only filmed achievements are eligible for entry into the ranking
  • Make sure “the camera”(=we) can clearly identify the hit segment for every dart. Be careful to always take out darts first which may block the view of the camera. If in doubt, we may disqualify your video or score the lowest possible segment (i.e. you hit T20 but a dart totally blocks the view and you don’t take that out first. We then must assume you actually hit the 1 or 5, depending on if you filmed from left or right)
  • Technical problems, camera dropped, ran out of power etc. – sorry, we can’t take these videos into consideration. We must have the full recording without interference or disturbance. If anyting goes wrong, take it lightly – you still had a good training 🙂 Just do it again!
  • Remember to use to send big video files to or
  • You agree that we use your videos as a whole or in portions for promotion on the youtube channel DartsGondel. Simon always adds advertisement earnings from these youtube videos to the respective ranking pot. We hope to build up a nice revenue-stream, so we can distribute more money to the players and make becoming a darts professional a dream closer to home. So do your best to get into the highlight videos 😉

How awesome would it be to have 1000 players in the rankings? Everybody would have an incentive to become a better darts player from home and could even earn a nice sum.

So share this page, talk about the rankings and join in!


There are 8 Moneyrankings: Joust, 1001 DO, Saddling, Arms maintenance, Overdose, 24 Darts High Score, No same double, Favourite double.

Places 1-10 award points for the general ranking table at the top of the page.


1.The Geheimwaffe4336 x D203260,29
2.Mr P 1803996 x D203004,28
3.jnk1804554 x D201747,93
4.SiegerATHENS1803225 x D201731,80
5.Fbi_1803134 x D20, 2 x D11251

Joust: 12 darts acceleration (Points) * 12 darts accuracy (Hitting doubles for a multiplier: *1.xx (xx = score of the double, e.g. D20 = 1.40))

1001 DO

1.The Geheimwaffe30
2.Mr P 18032
4.Darts Gondel46

1001 DO: Reduce 1001 points to 0, you must finish on a double.


RangNameRunden geschafft

Saddling: 1 throw = 3 darts. Throw 1-5, you have to score at least 41 points each throw. Then 6-10 you have to score at least 57 points. From throw 11 on, you need to score at least 80 points. If you fail at any step, the game is over and you count the succesful throws. They form the ranking.



Arms maintenance: Try to hit the same segment with all 3 darts of your throw. If all 3 land in the same segment, no matter if single, double or triple, you get 1 point. If all 3 land in the bull, no matter if bullseye or single bull, you get 3 points. Play 10 throws and add up your points.


1.Mr P 18022
2.The Geheimwaffe19


One throw = 3 darts. Each throw, you have to score more points than the throw before.

If you score the same or less, the game is over.

The game ends at 100 points.

If you score 101 or more, the game is over.

If you throw outside the scoring segments of the board more than 3 times, the game is over.

Bouncers don’t count.

Ranking score is the number of completed throws before the game was over.

24 Darts High Score

1.The Geheimwaffe921
2.Mr P 180809

Score as many points as you can with 24 darts.

Kein gleiches Doppel

1.thetower18012 (playoffs #1)
2.Mr P 18012
3.funky_monkeyz11 (playoffs #1 um Platz 3)
4.The Geheimwaffe11 (playoffs #2 um 3.)
5.SiegerAthens18011 (playoffs #3 um 3.)

How many different doubles can you hit with 24 darts? Every double counts only once.


1.N4VIG4TOR8 (D11)
2.Grillreini1807 (D16)
2.ice_breaker_1807 (D16)

How often can you hit your favourite double with 24 darts? Only darts in that particular double count.

Youthrankings (up to and including age 17)

Youthrankings are free to play, but you can earn money nonetheless! The money comes from players paying for the Moneyrankings, donations and the Augsburg Darts Academy.



Couch Potato: Throw you first dart into any segment of the board: single, double, triple.

Throw your second dart to earn points. Best is T20.

The third dart now needs to land in exactly the same segment as your first dart.

If you manage to do that, your second dart scores points.

Only your second dart ever scores points and only if dart 1 and 3 hit the same segment. Otherwise, no points.

Do this for 8 throws (24 darts).


  1. If dart 1 and 3 go single bull or bullseye, dart 2’s score is doubled.
  2. If dart 1 and 3 go into the very same double, dart 2’s score is tripled.
  3. If dart 1 and 3 go into the very same triple, dart 2’s score is quadrupled.
  4. If dart 1 and 3 go bullseye, dart 2’s score counts 5 times.

If you get at least 3 of these 4 bonuses within the 24 darts, you get an extra 200 point Ultra-Bonus 😛

Dart number 2 never has to be in the same segment as 1 and 3, but it may! So a classic ton80, T20T20T20 will count as 240 (60 *4) but T1T20T1 will also count as 240 (60 * 4)

Stay relaxed and calm when facing this challenge 🙂

JDC Challenge


JDC Challenge: First of all, let me explain what a Shanghai is: It is defined as hitting the single, double and triple of the same segment of the board with 3 darts. The best known shanghai is 120: 20, T20, D20, but you can score a Shanghai on every other number as well.

There are 3 parts to the JDC Challenge:

Part 1: You throw 3 darts at these numbers, in sequence: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15. You try to score as many points as possible. If you hit a Shanghai on any number, you get 100 bonus points. Otherwise, you get only the points you scored. e.g. 10, T10, 15 – you get 40 points. The 15 doesn’t count as you are throwing for 10s.

Part 2: Throw one dart at each double, in sequence from 1-20 and then bullseye. Every hit scores 50 points, bullseye 100.

Part 3: Same as part 1, but this time these numbers in sequence: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.

Hint: Use an app which has the JDC challenge included, like

Spirale des Bösen

1.The Geheimwaffe1013
2.Mr P 180893
3.The Octopus830
4.The Gerät732

The sun is shining, you enjoy throwing some darts and then *CREEP* – Pure Evil enters your board from the outside and your board turns evil, ring by ring.


  1. throw: You enjoy throwing some darts
  2. throw – Pure Evil creeps into your board. Your ring of doubles does not count anymore, even worse: If you hit a double, you lose.
  3. throw – evil continues to enter your board. Your outer singles do not count anymore. If you hit a double or outer single now, you lose.
  4. throw – triples turned evil as well. Hint: throw at the bull.
  5. throw – inner singles have gone evil as well – but you may still hit them without losing the game, they just don’t score points anymore. (Only Bull scores points this round)
  6. throw – Bull resists. Evil can’t conquer it. Help Bull fight back and reclaim your board! For every 25 points scored on bull (bullseye = 50), you reclaim 1 ring. You need 100 points to get your full board back under control.
  7. throw – Score points! Get that board back as fast as you can so you can hit those trebles!
  8. throw – Few throws left, gogogo!
  9. Runde – One more after this, come on!
  10. Runde – Last chance!

Don’t forget to have fun and stay relaxed 🙂

Oh and one more thing:

Evil may not win! You have to reclaim your whole board before the game ends, otherwise you lose no matter how many points you scored!!

In the end, you add up the scores for the 10 throws, just like you would in normal darts (remember the inner singles don’t count from round 5 until you reclaim them)


1.The Geheimwaffe21
3.Mr P 18012
4.The Gerät11

The board has 4 colors: White, black, green and red.

Electronic Darts: blue and red.

For this ranking, you always have to hit a color that you have not hit with your last dart. This rule counts across throws!

Every throw (=3 darts) you manage to do that, you get 1 point.

Steel: If you hit 3 different colors in 1 throw, you even get 2 points.

Electronic-Dart: If you hit red, blue and a triple or double, you also score 2 points. But electronic darters, be aware of this: Don’t throw a double and treble of the same color, because in steeldarts, these would be the same color as well. So you would bust and lose immediately.

The black around the board counts as color black, but you may only hit this 3 times. If you hit it a 4th time, you lose. This encourages going for doubles.

Generally, the game ends whenever you hit the same color with 2 consecutive darts, even across throws! So remember which color you hit last on your throw. You may not start your next throw with that color.

Score as many points, as you can 🙂

(You may throw outside the board on purpose to hit “black”, but remember: only 3 times.)