Welcome to the Flow League info page. If you came here because of the Winmau posts, we want to thank you very much for your efforts in coming here. The Flow League is a system that can run worldwide as most play takes place online (founded in the pandemic), yet it CAN be played locally by players of a pub or bigger, regional groups.

It is a unique league system based on the points your opponent has left on the scoreboard when you check the leg. So you could lose 4 legs in a first to 5 but still win the match and get the points if you produce a stunner in the last leg. We always play 5 legs 501 double out and we pretty much like to go for bull even if the opponent is not on a finish 😉 The more points he got left, the more points you can collect.

One season runs for 9 weeks and sees players win nice prices of cash, vouchers and dartsmaterials. Those who don’t reach the prices, keep their collected points for next season to give them a head start.

Unlimited players can join the league as the system finds opponents that roughly match your average – every week. So whether you play an average of 30 or 70, you will find worthy opponents.

The constant pressure on every dart, whether you are in the lead or behind, combined with the frequency of 3 matches each week, make the Flow league a great practice instrument. We had players develop from an average below 40 to averages above 60 within only 3 seasons of play.

We started locally in Germany and now cover all German speaking countries. With Winmau supporting us, we look forward to starting an english speaking league as soon as we find enough players interested to try. The league is organized through discord by Simon and Pat, dedicated friends and dartplayers who are always ready to help. Respect and a friendly community are the core of the league. We support each other.

If you are interested in playing the flow league system, you can send me an email to dartlethics@gmail.com, hit me up on instagram @dartsgondel or fill in the form below.